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Struggling To Afford Your Medications?

Did you know that more than 33 million American adults who use prescription medications say they can’t afford them? In fact, over 29% forgo their medication altogether because of high costs. We believe every person, regardless of circumstance, should have access to affordable medications.

Free Home Delivery Medications

For your medications that you take on a daily basis, get FREE home delivery of over 1000 quality generic medications. Enjoy the convenience of a 90-day supply for your maintenance medications. Your medication list contains over 95% of the top prescribed generic medications in the US for conditions such as:

- High Cholesterol
- Diabetes
- Mental Health
- Allergy
- Thyroid
- Asthma
- Men’s and Women’s Health
- High Blood Pressure

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National Retail Discount Card

Save up to 80% on your prescription medications by using your First Primary Care national retail discount card. Simply present your card to your pharmacist and ask them to run the card as a "Primary Payer." The First Primary Care discount card does not require activation and is accepted by over 62,000 pharmacies across the United States.

Free Urgent/Acute Care Medications

Use your First Primary Care membership card at your local pharmacy and pay $0.00 for over 60 urgent care medications for conditions such as: 

• Upper Respiratory Infections (URI)

• Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

• Asthma / Allergic Reactions

• Ear & Eye Infections

• Skin Infections

• Fungal Infections

• Pain & Injuries

• Migraines

• Stomach Viruses

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