How To Switch Pharmacies: Transfer Your Prescription To Another Pharmacy

How To Switch Pharmacies: Transfer Your Prescription To Another Pharmacy

There are a variety of reasons for which one may switch pharmacies, but the most common are price and location. After identifying an online pharmacy to switch to, the next step is to begin the process of transferring medications. In the following 2-minute article, we outline how to transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy. We also discuss other factors to consider when transferring prescriptions. 

How Do You Transfer Prescriptions From One Pharmacy To Another? 

Transferring prescriptions between pharmacies is a hassle-free process that often only takes a few business days. Follow these steps to ensure your transition to a new pharmacy is as smooth as possible. 

1. Create a list of all your prescriptions

Once you have decided on a new pharmacy to transfer your prescriptions, it is advisable to create a list of your prescriptions to stay organized. Your new pharmacy will likely ask for this list once you have decided to work with them. 

2. Gather your health and insurance information

You will need to provide your new pharmacy with personal, health, and insurance information so they can incorporate you into their system accurately and efficiently. This information often includes the following:

  • Your legal first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address
  • Your insurance provider and plan 
  • Phone number or other contact information 
  • Any allergies or other conditions you have 

3. Contact your new pharmacy

Let both your new and old pharmacies know that you plan on transferring your prescription. In most cases, you will need to provide information on the strength, dosage, and frequency of all your prescriptions. You can contact your pharmacy by phone, email, text or an in-person visit. 

4. Wait for your prescription to be transferred 

After you have talked with your new pharmacy and provided them with a list of medications and insurance information, hold tight so they can transfer your prescription. The transfer time can vary depending on your insurance provider and how many prescriptions you are looking to transfer. It is recommended to wait at least 3 days before contacting your new pharmacy about your prescription or refills. Most pharmacies will ask you to provide them with a phone number at which they can notify you about updates on your prescription. 

What To Consider When Transferring Prescriptions 

Transferring prescriptions to another pharmacy is often a hassle-free process that takes only a few days. However, there are special circumstances under which the transfer may be delayed. Staying in contact with your old pharmacy can ensure the transfer takes place with as few complications as possible. 

If your prescription is out of refills

Before transferring prescriptions, it is advisable to take stock of when you will be due for your next refill. Doing so can ensure that you do not run out of medications before your prescription begins at your new pharmacy. 

Which prescriptions your new pharmacy offers 

Make sure your new pharmacy offers all of your current prescriptions. Although almost all pharmacies carry a set of basic products, your new pharmacy may not carry certain niche medications. Certain medications, such as Percocet, Oxycontin, and Vicodin do not allow you to transfer prescriptions. 

Check to see if your prescription can be transferred

Some prescriptions and medications cannot be transferred at all. Schedule 2 controlled substances such as oxycodone, codeine, opium, and fentanyl cannot be transferred between pharmacies due to their high risk of overdose. These medications are also ineligible for refills; you must talk to your pharmacist each time you wish to get a new bottle. If you currently take any schedule 2 medications, you will need to ask your doctor to write you a separate prescription for your new pharmacy, even if you have not completed your current one. 

Your prescription can only be transferred once 

Certain medications, such as Xanax, Ambien, and Tylenol can only be transferred once before they must be renewed. Schedule 5 medications, including those used for anti-diarrhea and analgesic purposes, can also only be transferred once. 

How To Switch Pharmacies: Transfer Your Prescription To Another Pharmacy: Summary 

Before transferring prescriptions it is important to gather a list of medications, as well as your health and insurance information. It may take as long as 3 days for your prescriptions to transfer. 

Some prescriptions may not be able to be transferred. Others, such as Xanax and Tylenol, can only be transferred once between pharmacies. 

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